"I guess everyone who has experienced parenthood knows how a human, so incredibly tiny, can totally turn your world upside down. It is truly magical, how much happiness they bring into your life and force you to be the best version of yourself.

That same magic is what enables you to keep going yet another night, walking rounds with your baby in your arms, trying to ease their stomach pain, or rocking them into sleep after a nightmare. It is also what enables you to carry your baby for hours and hours when usually you aren't even able to do one push up. Big chance you can barely recognize the person looking back from the mirror anymore, because what once used to be your silky smooth legs, now even makes the Amazon rainforest jealous ;-). Then you take a look at your child's smile.. and life just couldn't be better.

That magic, it's called unconditional love.

This unconditional love for our children makes us stronger, smarter and much more patient than we ever imagined we could be.

It also makes us always want only the very best for our child.

This particular desire for the best for our child, is what inspired the idea of the pantertje bodysuit, a piece of garment which is made of the most comfortable, soft, stretchy and high-quality fabric, whilst being produced sustainably without harmful chemicals. This is to preserve the planet, so one day our children can experience the joy of parenthood themselves."


The design

I am a mother to a baby daughter, who fills my days with so much joy and amazes me every day, by how quickly she picks things up and understands so much more than I expect.

Yet in the time when she started moving, I noticed that most of the clothes we had for her were so restraining and tight even though they were made for babies.

Imagine you had to do gym exercise in your skintight blue jeans, or a cocktail dress, would you be able to perform as flawless as in yoga pants? Or would you even limit your movements, to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of a too-tight waistline pinching your tummy?

Unfortunately she suffered from severe colics for a long time, making our days and nights extremely challenging, yet when I got a free minute I would research ways how to get rid of the tummy aches. What I continuously found, was that too tight clothing around a baby's belly could add to the colics.

Since I love to dress my daughter fashionably, but absolutely do not want to compromise in quality and comfort and could not find anything on the market that fulfilled my requirements, I decided to create the pantertje bodysuit.

To make sure I provide her with the best to develop freely, without harmful chemicals.



Our vision

My story begins in Germany, I am the middle one of 3 children, to an Indian father and a German mother. We grew up in Germany, and since India is so far from Germany, we didn't learn a lot about my dad's heritage.

Yet I was always intrigued about this part of me, and felt a deep connection to people from India, but also people from other cultures, who left their home country to start a new life somewhere else, may it be for love, the hope for a better life or out of pure curiosity.

When I started working as a flight attendant, fortunately I got to visit many countries and places. Here I gathered remarkably beautiful but also unusually sad experiences. It can be truly shocking, in which circumstances some people have to live who have to fight for plain survival every single day, without governments and health care funds available to support them.

In this time traveling the world was when my desire to help these less fortunate people initiated. I dreamed of creating fair jobs in less developed countries than mine. I imagine good employment to those who usually are the lowest in the social order, such as the disabled, female, or the traumatized.

By creating the Pantertje brand, I have the feeling I get the opportunity to fulfill my vision, by working with sustainable manufacturers in developing countries such as India and Bangladesh, who apply fair working conditions for their employees.

At the same time giving back a part of everything we sell, to support the most vulnerable and precious in our society, our children.

Making the world a little bit better whilst crafting beautiful and comfortable clothes, is what we are hoping to accomplish with our Pantertje brand.

We donate a portion of each suit we sell, and hope that one day every child on our planet will receive the unconditional love, protection, shelter and nutrition it deserves.




 This is me the designer of the bodysuit, I'm smiling in the camera, with my babydaughter in thebackcarrier. I have long dark hair and wearing a white sweater, we are hiking.